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Code of conduct & ethics

Vision and Purpose

We believe that the credibility and reputation of the recruitment industry is shaped by the collective conduct of individual recruiters.

The recruitment industry is an unregulated field. There is no governing body to set standards, enforce best practices or to regulate members of the industry. We believe that maintaining the highest standards is key to successful client and candidate relationships, as well as to our own employees pride and satisfaction in their roles. We have therefore established our own code of ethics which sets the standard expected throughout our business.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is to instill confidence in the recruitment profession and to help an individual become a better recruiter; it describes the business ethics expectations placed upon the Institute's members.

The Code articulates the ideals to which we aspire as well as the behaviors that are mandatory in our profession.

We truly believe that we can advance our profession, both individually and collectively, by embracing this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Structure of the code

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is divided into sections that contain standards of conduct which are aligned with values we have identified as most important to the recruitment community and the people it serves. The Code also includes a section that addresses the consequences when the Code is breached.


1) Respect for Work Relationships
2) Respect for Honesty and Transparency
3) Respect for Confidentiality and Privacy
4) Respect for Laws
5) Respect for Diversity
6) Commitment to Professional Development

Respect for work relationships

a) In order to establish trust and build productive work relationships, you must exercise due diligence and observe high standards of accuracy of information, advice given and timeliness, to both clients and work seekers.

b) Treat all recruitment professionals with respect and aim to work in a fair and open competitive environment.

c) This standard also seeks to emphasize the importance of applying an ethical and professional approach to customer service standards at all times.

Respect for honesty and transparency

a) You must act at all times with integrity, honesty, the highest ethical standards and appropriate behavior.

b) You will not engage in any activities which would bring the recruitment industry into disrepute.

Respect for confidentiality and privacy

a) You must observe and respect the confidentiality of your clients and work seekers and ensure this is maintained at all stages of the recruitment process.

Respect for diversity

a) You must ensure that you treat all clients and work seekers with dignity and respect, and aim to provide employment opportunities based on objective business and competency related criteria.

b) You should always promote fair recruitment practices.

c) You should not act on an instruction from a client that may be discriminatory and, where possible, you should provide guidance to clients in respect of good diversity practice.

Commitment to professional development

a) You should ensure that you are well informed about recruitment practices, and that you continually seek to improve your knowledge, skills and qualification base.

Why is the PNH International Code of Conduct so important?

PNH International was founded with a burning desire to shake up and reshape the recruitment industry. We really mean it when we talk about service. It underpins everything we do and is constantly monitored and assessed within our business. It is part of our culture, plays a huge part in our own recruitment criteria and is central to our systems, procedures and relationships.

The PNH International Code of Conduct is the result of many years of successful recruiting experience, forming the basis of how we aim to get the best possible outcome from the recruitment process – for everyone.

Your PNH International consultant strictly adheres to this code in the spirit of establishing a great working relationship with you, now and into the future. But we can't do it alone…. we suggest that it is only when our clients and candidates also sign up to this code that everyone gets the most out of the recruitment process.

• We foster long-term relationships with both our clients and our candidates.

• We seek to understand our clients' business, facilitating the placement process so that our clients may continue on with their business efficiently.

• We perform an in-depth interview with all of our candidates, ensuring that they fall within our required skill sets, and have an attitude and objective we can wholeheartedly promote.

• We take the time to match the appropriate candidate to the role and organisation, only sending appropriate CVs to our clients.

• We inform our clients if we are unable to find a suitable candidate.

• We maintain up-to-date records.

• We monitor our own performance, setting our base target for the interview-offer ratio higher than is needed.

• We encourage both positive and negative feedback from our clients and candidates, incorporating their valuable observations.

• We will only approach candidates from firms that are not our clients if we are proactively seeking a candidate.

• We insist our staff maintain an exceptional standard of conduct at all times.

Our commitment to clients

1) To always offer to come to your offices to take a formal brief for each role.

2) On appointment, to provide a written proposal confirming our understanding of your requirements. This will include:

• our understanding of the assignment, including the role to be filled
• our understanding of the marketplace
• an outline of our approach for completing the assignment
• a timetable and key milestones
• an indication of how much potential candidates are likely to be earning
• our understanding of the salary package on offer
• the basis for our fees
• details of which members of our team will be working on the project

3) Never to undertake any assignment unless we believe we are likely to be able to satisfy your requirements.

4) To submit a candidate's details to you only with the candidate's express agreement and to ensure that the candidate is in possession of any relevant facts and information before doing so.

5) Not to induce any employee to leave his or her employment where the employer is a PNH International client.

6) To submit a candidate to you only if adequate steps have been taken to ensure that the candidate meets your requirements.

7) To use selection tests which are relevant, valid and properly administered by an independent qualified person.

8) To keep all parties informed accurately and honestly throughout the recruitment process, working at all times in the best interest of both the client and candidate, providing balanced and constructive input during any negotiations.

9) To be punctual and courteous at all times towards all parties within the course of our business.

10) To ensure that our consultants are fully conversant with all relevant aspects of UK law and comply at all times. This includes provisions relating to equal opportunities and equal pay and data protection.

Client commitment to PNH International

1) To provide your consultant with a full job description for each assignment.

2) To provide an opportunity for your consultant to ask questions about the company, the job role and any other relevant matters.

3) To provide clear, unambiguous information about employee remuneration, and the probable elements of the package, plus worthwhile information about the company and its likely development.

4) To provide constructive feedback on submitted CV's within 48 hours.

5) To be on time for interviews, to treat candidates with respect and to set uninterrupted time aside for interviews.

6) To respond to your consultant after interviews in a prompt manner and provide detailed feedback on candidates, whether they are successful or not.

7) Not to take up references about a candidate without their express permission, and particularly not to approach their current employer.

8) To provide payment for reasonable travel expenses for second and subsequent interviews.

9) To provide offer letters and employment contracts promptly.

10) Not to offer positions and subsequently withdraw such offers, other than as a result of bad referencing.

Candidate commitment to us both

1) To be on time for interviews, or to warn the potential employer as soon as possible if there is cause for delay.

2) To attend the interview suitably attired, having been fully briefed on the role and researched the company themselves.

3) To be honest, in particular about their background, experience and qualifications, current salary and package and not to mislead anyone involved in the recruitment process in any way.

4) To respond to any communication in a timely manner and keep us informed of their movements at all times.

5) Not to accept a job offer and then fail to turn up to commence work.

6) If counter offered by the current employer, to keep us fully informed.

7) To advise us in advance of being introduced to a client, if they have previously been submitted by another party, or approached directly by the client.

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